11 Things You Should Know Before You Travel

Traveling in one word could be described as “Exciting” or “Fun”. But there are some things I have learnt while travelling that could make or wreck your travel experience. Here are some tips from Travelstart to all the Travel Lovers out there. We present to you 11 things you should know before you travel.

1. Avoid Packing Heavy


Take what is necessary or what you think you may use. Keep your luggage to the minimum so as to enjoy your trip without having to carry or drag around heavy material. It will be a much relaxed trip enabling you to make your way through hills and long roads without tiring you.

2. Don’t overspend, but make the most of your trip


Spending USD 50 on every meal would be extravagant. Spend wisely. Buy material that you can keep for a longer time or spend on things that will keep you occupied for a longer period of time like a ticket to a cultural concert or the city fair – experiences that will last forever. Cut down on unnecessary expenses like taking a taxi to a destination somewhat walking distance or try the local food instead of opting for the expensive and fancy restaurant (you may actually like it).

3. Learn the Local Language


Learning the local language is not only exciting but also comes very handy while reading the signs or buying from the local supermarket or bazaar. It gives an impression that you are one of them and hey, you may also get a great bargain!

4. Make friends


Your fondest memories will not so much be shaped by the sights you will see or things that you will experience, but rather the people that you will meet during your journey. It will amaze you how similar yet different personalities can be.

5. Do not be Afraid to ask for directions

Firstly accept – accept that you are new to this place but also accept that this is home to so many people walking around you. If you need to get to the Chinese restaurant down the street but don’t know how to, keep that GPS aside and walk to the lady 3 steps away. She might be more helpful than you thought and who knows, she may be able to advise you of better options with cheaper prices!

6. Get enough Rest


Trust me you are better off spending a few hours in the morning sleeping, rather than waking up really early and getting too tired to do anything at all by noon! Unless of course you are by the beach and want to watch the sunrise – that view is totally worth the fatigue.

7. Eat


You may want to loosen up with the whole “i don’t eat carbs, sugars and fat” thing! Even if you eat a ridiculous amount of food while traveling, you will most likely end up losing more weight than before you started your trip.So eat up – Holidays don’t last forever!

8. Take photos but limit yourselves


Yes pictures are great! A great way of bringing back a little part of your vacation back home for your friends and family, and there is nothing wrong with taking pictures – but you do not want to loose the experience of being on a holiday because you are too busy taking pictures. Some things are better enjoyed without your camera.

9. Feel free to skip what does not interest you


Do not like museums? Or long stories about what happened in world war 2? Don’t waste your time on things you have completely no interest in. It may just bore you and ruin your excitement for the entire vacation! Do not feel obliged to be part of things you don’t like – the world is a big big place and there is so much more for you to explore! What is one man’s treasure may not necessarily be your cup of tea.

10. You do not need to be rich to travel


If you want something badly enough, you will make it happen. There is nothing worth more than fulfilling your dreams – Travelling will broaden your mindset and may help you achieve a lot more than you already are saving up for.

11. And finally, No place like home


Although travelling is a blissful experience and many a times you will hear them who are just back from vacation say “if only I could stay there forever”, one thing is certain – travelling makes you appreciate home much more than you ever did. You come back looking at home with a new perspective and fresh new pair of eyes. you just appreciate home so much more.

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