One of the most favorite and exciting things to do while traveling is eating. When in a new country/city we’d all like to try around new places and dishes and exploring the taste of different cultures. But is it as easy as said, for everyone to just walk into a new place and decide “yes! this is where i’ma dine today?” Not everyone is comfortable eating at places they know very little about.

Well, rest distressed! Travelstart brings to you a fusion of halal places to eat each serving foods from different cultures in Dar e salaam. Places you are guaranteed to love.


1. EpiD’or


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” is probably the oldest line in the book. But how many of us actually love to enjoy our breakfast every other day? From serving you bacon, eggs and sandwiches or fancy breakfast cum dessert meals, to just a cup of refreshing freshly ground coffee –  EpiD’or is “the spot” for all the breakfast lovers! Drive off along the Indian ocean in Masaki and treat yourself to a humongous waffle with fruits or some pancakes with maple syrup on a hungry Sunday morning.

2. Black Tomato


In the midst of the city center, Black tomato is one of the restaurants that gains its popularity rapidly. Other than the popularity for its breakfast menus and freshly backed goodies, Black Tomato is well reputed for its brunch servings such as burritos (wraps) and delicious burgers.

3. Albasha Lebanese Restaurant


A Lebanese restaurant situated in the city center, Albasha serves you with the authentic taste of Lebanon. Run by Lebanese people, they are well aware of the Arabic style of dining. The combination of the glass and wood interior and the aroma of the freshly cooked kebabs, humus and bread wafting through the air makes you instantly hungrier than you originally were.  Hookah (sheesha) being a traditional culture of the Arabs, is also served at Albasha.

4. Karambezi Cafe


Enjoy from the 180° view of the Indian ocean at the Karambezi Cafe while you unwind after a long day of the town buzz! Taste the phenomenal continental food or relish from the delicious mock tails and desserts – Karambezi shall never cease to Awe you.

5.Pronto Pizza


We are all well versed by the term “Pizza is Bae!” But here in Dar e Salaam, Pizza actually is Bae. Thinking about a crispy base with pepperoni, olives, chicken and a whole lot of cheese melting in your mouth ? Pronto pizza is what you are actually thinking about! Serving you all types of crusts and toppings Pronto pizza is an all time favorite. Who’s hungry now?!

6. Thai Kani


A Fusion of Thai and Japan, Thai Kani brings to you the Sushi side of Tokyo. Lobsters, Crabs and octopus cooked in curries with authentic Thai spice – you can just taste Bangkok !

7. MarryBrown


A fast food restaurant serving you delicious Kentucky fried chicken, burgers and calamari rings. A place loved by the young crowd of today, Marrybrown also has things to do for the kids. The play area and the books should keep your toddlers busy while you wait for the food to arrive.

8. Spur Steak Ranches


Now who wouldn’t love a juicy piece of meat for dinner cooked tenderly in various spices with a side of potatoes and well fried onion rings?! Make a point to visit the Spur steak ranches while you are at Dar e salaam and you are promised to enjoy your meal better than ever. A bonus tip for dining at the Spurs: The hungrier you are the better the food will taste !

9. The Waterfront


A view of the magnificent Indian Ocean while you dine on delicious mouthwatering food is something man can just not tire of. The waterfront offers you literal peace while you watch the sun go down and hear the waves hit the rocks while you enjoy some delicious food and unwind for the day.

10. Mamboz SizGrill


Barbecued food is the Delight of Dar e salaam. You will find a joint selling barbecued food at almost every corner in Dar e salaam. However Mamboz SizGrill just has something different to offer. Varying from Indian dishes, to steaks and barbecued chicken, beef and mutton kebabs Mamboz SizGrill has everything at great taste. It is almost impossible to leave unsatisfied.

11. Khana Khazana

Indian 1

With Dar e Salaam being highly populated with Indians, you will come across a number of indian restaurants, Khana Khazana is one of the oldest and highest ranked Indian restaurants with delicious and authentic indian food and great customer service. Stop by on a friday night and enjoy the musical event while you feast on your chicken tikka masala!

12.Cape Town Fish Market


Sea food lover? Dar e salaam benefiting from the Indian ocean brings forward phenomenal  and fresh sea food at the cape town fish market. Giving you a beautiful view of the Indian ocean, Cape town fish market is one of the most romantic places in Dar e salaam. The view of the sun going down and the fresh breeze from the sea makes up for ll the traffic and hassle you’ve been through the day.

13.Highland Villas


“Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done” clearly does not apply when you are dining at the highland villas. The delicious aroma of the barbecued and grilled meat and paneer may make you feel famished but the barbecue buffet with sides of potatoes, salads and a number of sauces coming to your table on intervals of 10 minutes will literally not let you leave unfilled. This is a place for when you are really hungry!


Visit the recommended places and while you are at it, leave us a comment or two! If you would like to know more about any places or need more recommendations comment below and we will be glad to be of assistance.


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