There is perhaps no body who has not heard about Dubai, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the second largest city in the UAE. The words ‘first, tallest, deepest, most expensive, lavish, outlandish’ probably have been created for this city. Holding 200 man made islands and the tallest building in the world, Dubai is “favorite” to most of us!

A fusion of the traditional culture with modern lifestyle, Dubai never ceases to amaze its visitors – But there are somethings you may just fall in love with when you travel to Dubai! If you have allready visited Dubai you perhaps know what i am talking about – But for those of us who are yet to travel to Dubai lets highlight what you should be looking forward to tie your heart to!

1. The Buildings


Shimmering and vibrant, Dubai is lively and beautiful during the days and nights. The Tall buildings that glitter during the nights are a feast to the eye for their architecture during the day! It is breathtaking how much there is to see in Dubai.

2. Burj Al Arab

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Speaking of buildings in Dubai, Burj Al Arab is perhaps one of the most beautiful, (if not the most beautiful) monuments in Dubai. Self proclaimed as the “worlds only 7 star hotel”, Burj Al Arab  stands on an artificial island from the Jumeirah beach and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge.

3. Hot wheels


Other than marvelous monuments, Dubai has a passion for magnificent rides. It should not come off as a surprise witnessing filthy rich people in precious vehicles cruising around loud on the streets of Dubai.

4.  Cheap Petrol


…- and to accommodate those luxurious rides and long drives, Petrol in dubai is accessible in a cheap price.

5. Riding in the desert.


Other than the passion for riding in expensive and luxurious cars, Emaratis even hold a hobby of riding on the backs of camels along beautiful golden deserts enjoying gorgeous views of the sun and the hills. They happen to attract tourists who travel to Dubai to their hobby too – well, in their defense it is a magnificent experience.

“During my travel to Dubai I went out to the desert and I got to ride camels as the sun was setting – it was really magical. There are just so many moments that I’ll never forget.”
Tom Cruise, actor

6. Variety of Sports


Wake boarding? Taekwondo? Horse riding? Fencing? The Emarati is set to accommodate it all. They also host a variety of international sports to cater different tastes and till date.

Dubai just knows how to spoil you!

7. Girl Power



Not only does Dubai accommodate all kinds of sports, it also allows all genders to participate in it. They treat women in a special way -still applying the “Ladies first!” agenda. Eve surpasses Adam when it comes to convenience in Dubai.

8. Dubai is Safe


Not only has Dubai made life convenient for women, it has also made it safe for women. During your travel to Dubai you don’t have to be paranoid about your belongings everywhere you go.You can walk around safely even during the night.

9. Shopping


From all the things Dubai is known to provide for entertaining women, the highest ranked and most favorite of them all is Shopping. The variety offered in terms of shopping in Dubai is extravagant. Besides they have the 4 letter word women love to hear, almost everywhere! SALE! I’m talking about the SALE!!

10. Selection of cuisines.


When it comes to food, there is no “out!” in Dubai. You will find a mixed platter of delicacies from all around the world. Being a foodie in Dubai and its variety of dining options, is like an unleashed child in a candy-store.

11. Brunch


What is the most difficult kind of meal to accommodate in other cities, is as common as a daily tradition in Dubai. You will find restaurants with brunch menus on almost every second street in Dubai. Walk to the closest restaurant down street on a late Sunday morning – or even better, get McDonald’s delivered to your door! Where else is this possible other than Dubai!

12. Nightlife


Nowhere else in the world can you go from Cavalli Club to Armani/Privé in one night – probably because you wouldn’t normally be let in! In Dubai, everything is easily accessible

13. Climbing the corporate ladder


Dubai offers a promising growth to your career. The work standards, exposure and level of networking is a great perk in Dubai.

14. Picture perfect


And finally, not only at the Jumeirah beach and the Burj Khalifa would you be awed with magnificent sight but even from right outside your balcony, Dubai looks beautiful. Literally a picture perfect city.


Share with us your most exquisite experiences and what you love about Dubai! We are keen to know…

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  1. You haven’t mentioned anything about the acquarium at dubai mall its superbly amazing as well as the dancing waters, maybe you should add that on your description.

    • Hi Naomi,

      Thank you for bringing that to our attention. I will make sure to write about that soon. I hope you are enjoying the articles so far. Keep reading, and keep sharing 🙂

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