5 Awesome Places To Visit During Eid Holidays

Eid 2016 is all about a change of scenery. Tanzania during Eid is very festive and packed full of exciting offers and events that are sure to delight. From early morning prayers to the fact that its a two day celebration; what’s not to love? But this year we’re declaring it OK to see how it goes down in other parts of the world. After the long fast, it’s time to rejoice and take a vacation with the people you love. Here’s some of the most exciting places to visit during Eid holidays with your family:

1. Mauritius


Famous for its sapphire seas and the powdery white sandy beaches, Mauritius has long held the tag of being a luxury destination. However, today it has become quite affordable for all kinds of travelers to come and enjoy the trove of activities offered here. The best part about Mauritius at this time is that you can join the celebrations of the Ramadan feast with the locales. You’ll also get awesome travel deals due to off season travel!

2. Turkey

The Blue Mosque at Night.

The history of this place is great and there are so many things you can do including walks along the Bosporous & tours of the Blue Mosque. Istanbul is one of the most historic marvels in the world, favorite among travelers since a long time. Its surreal beaches, divine delicacies, scenic mountains, shopping experience and archaic architecture are simply breathtaking.

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3. United Arab Emirates

Kids greeting each other after Eid prayers

Beautiful as it is, one must see attraction is the Grand mosque at Abu Dhabi. This mosque is simply stunning.  Also check out our available packages to Dubai.

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Understandably right now it’s very hot in the U.A.E. and it’s their low season.

4. Malaysia

Caves in Malaysia

Eid ul fitr celebrated with greatest vigor and zest, you can have the best experience there at this time of the year. Visit the eerie caves of Batu and bask in the sunny beaches. Do try out the world class Malay cuisine and treat yourself to a shopping extravaganza.

Also as you explore Malaysia during an Eid trip make your way to amazing places to explore neighboring countries of Singapore & Thailand. There’s something for everyone e.g. city shopping in Singapore and beach resorts in Thailand and Malaysia.

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5. Thailand

Khao Sok national park (Thai rainforest)

This fun, friendly and exotic tropical haven, the landscape is diversified from soaring skyscrapers to tropical forests to surreal beaches. Here there is much to do but the best thing is in this holiday after the great fast of the year is the laidback atmosphere. The ambience of the entire place will distress your body and you’ll have a great time with your loved ones.

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We hope you found this article helpful. Where have you been to during Eid that was exciting? Comments are always welcome.

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