5 Fascinating Must Do’s whilst in Dar Es Salaam

A growing city in Tanzania, highly populated and very modern in comparison to the rest – Dar es salaam is derived from the Arabic word meaning – the residence of peace! But is it though? Not always is Dar es Salaam so peaceful. Most times, most places you need to push your way through the crowds to get to the other side of the road. It is however extremely fascinating!

If you are planning to visit Tanzania, you should probably spend some time in the capital city. We present to you  5 fascinating must do’s whilst in Dar Es Salaam;

1. The Stunning City


Although areas like Kariakoo and the fish market can be crowded, the city is extremely beautiful and peaceful (other then the rush hour). The beautiful buildings and warm weather is a bliss.

2. The Kariakoo Market


With over 200 stalls selling all kinds of things – from clothes and accessories to toys and cds, here you will get everything in a bargain. Fresh fruits and vegetables at extremely cheap prices. This place is however extremely crowded!

3. Jangwani and Mbudya Island


Picture perfect scenery with the light blue sea waves hitting the white sandy shores during a perfect sunny day. Dar e salaam is well known for these beautiful islands. A relaxed day on the beach, with delicious sea food cooked the African style! A Sunday could not get better than that.
But what Dar es salaam is most well known for is the commotion and the food. Oh the food – a diverse range between the Indian, African and Arabic taste find it all in Dar es salaam.

4. Nyama Choma


The almost national dish of Dar e salaam, Nyama Choma also known as Mishkaki is barbecued meat or chicken marinated with spices beforehand mostly sided by salads or French fries.

5. Arts and Crafts – The traditional side


Of all the amazing talents Tanzanians are blessed with, their ability to beautify basic things tops the bar! Dar e salaam has a number of art galleries where you are welcome to feast your eyes upon gorgeous hand made materials and buy them at a bargain.

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