7 Spectacular Carnival Celebrations of the World

1. Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil

The mother of all Carnivals and an absolute bucket list must-do, at least, once in a lifetime. Around a half-million foreign visitors join the city’s 7 million residents for this annual party. Get ready for everything colourful – the body painting, the floats – especially the bird floats, the costumes and the masks

Dates:  February 24th – 28th 2017

Ticket price: from $110, rio-carnival.net.

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2. Binche Carnival, Belgium

This carnival is so ‘lit’ that UNESCO called it the ‘Intangible and Oral Heritage of Humanity’ and we’re not going to argue. The must-see event is the March of the Gilles, a parade of men and boys wearing brightly colored costumes and wooden clogs. Basically go around creating chaos, shaking some sticks to scare bad spirits off. Be careful, because they love throwing apples to the crowd!

Dates – 26th – 28th February 2017

Tickets – Carnavaldebinche.be

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3. Mardi Gras, New Orleans
With its masked partygoers and debauchery, parades with floats and costumed people (who are notorious for flashing body parts to onlookers – no wonder they call is the Greatest Free Show in the World). Admittedly the city’s pre-Lenten Carnival has been tamer since Hurricane Katrina, with smaller crowds and less flashing of the flesh.

Dates – February 28th 2017

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4. Oruro Carnival, Bolivia

This annual event has been recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Any excuse to party am I right? It consists of a  theatralized parade lasting over 20 hours tells the story of the triumph of good over evil and at the end, attendees ‘wash away all the heat of the fire’ with a huge water fight.

Dates – February 25th – 28th 2017

More information on the carnival go here.

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5. Notting Hill Carnival, London

Europe’s biggest street festival is fairly reserved compared to the others on the list. It is a celebration of the capital’s Caribbean community, in which two million people dance through the streets of west London to booming sound systems, and eat loads of jerk chicken.

Dates – From 28 August 2016 to 29 August 2016 (right on time), book your flight to London now.

Tickets: £15.01- buy here.

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6. Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Steel bands, soca, limbo, calypso, and a whole lot of rum: the spirit of the Caribbean is celebrated with gusto on the tropical island of Trinidad, just off the coast of Venezuela. Some participants wear ingenious costumes that satirize the former British colonial authorities.

Dates: February 27 & 28, 2017

Tickets: from $31.74 from EventBrite.

Get more information here. Not sure how to get there? Search here.

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7. Viareggio Carnival, Italy

Held on the Tuscan city of Viareggio, the parades draw thousands of visitors of all ages, who come to see both the spectacular floats of up to 20 metres high, from fire-breathing dragons to politicians. The “Carnevale di Viareggio” actually takes place over an entire month with 5 days of processions each year. These are held on 4 Sundays and one on Fat Tuesday. The parades take place between the end of January and beginning of March, in the fours weeks that precede Lent (which is the forty day period before Easter).

Dates: February 5th, 12th and 18th 2017

Tickets: (see their Facebook page)

More info – www.ilcarnevale.com

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NB: Dates and other details are subject to change hence you’ll need to keep checking the sites provided for any updates. As for flights, you can easily choose our Rebookable Flights option when booking to eliminate the hassle. See you there!



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