Planes are not your best friends when you need to keep up with your A+ beauty game. Between the dry air, stress, and lack of healthy food it almost always leaves you feeling less like a lady.

Travelstart has shortlisted some tips to keep your beauty mode switched on even when you are 35,000 feet in the air!

1. Prep for your skin overnight.


If you are much like me, you probably even started packing the night before your flight. So while you are tossing everything in your bags remember to slap some face mask on your face – choose the ones with maximum vitamins and full of minerals that woud leave your skin looking cleaner and healthier.

2. Moisturize

With the dry air and stressed atmosphere your face is bound to look like, well, card board! Lets avoid that by using moisturizers and eye drops to sooth your dried out eyes. It is also going to minimize any redness.

3. Hyderate

Always always always be hydrated. Remember that airports are a total breeding ground for gross germs and so are airplanes. You are probably sitting next to someone who spent a week partying in Vegas and who knows what they brought with them. Strengthen your immunity system by drinking lots and lots of water and some vitamins. Nobody wants to be sick on vacation so drink up!

4.Use sun block


You are exposed to higher levels of radiation because you are positioned closer to the sun throughout your flight. To prevent skin damage use topical and oral antioxidants

5. Cream based make-up

Reduce the amount of time you spend applying makeup by bringing cream-based items such as foundation and blush. Cream-based items are easier to apply and will keep your skin hydrated.

6. Use statement lipstick.

The airport hustle n’ bustle can be difficult, but you certainly don’t want to leave your lips looking like the Sahara Desert. Rock red lips — it helps passengers 10 rows back to see you. Embrace it wholeheartedly.

Remember, the world is beautiful – but it is more beautiful, when you are beautiful!

Share your tips to looking fab even while traveling!


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