Hong Kong attractions you have to put on your list

If you only have a few days to experience Hong Kong attractions, then you’ll want to squeeze in as much as possible! With so much going on in Hong Kong, it’s easy to get confused. We’ve whittled down our favourite

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Exciting Things To Do in Dubai

An electric oasis cradled by ridges of sweeping desert sand, Dubai is a marvel. Not only as an engineering feat, but also for its curious juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary, and for the sheer array of things to do …

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Things to know when travelling to Seychelles

1. Adventitious soul of the Island.

Activities such as rock climbing granite peaks, zip lining through forests, deep sea fishing, surfing, sailing, scuba diving in marine parks – its definitely action-packed and everyday is new and exciting!


2. Flights

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The Delicious Culinary Scene of Turkey

I was in Turkey a few years ago and if there is one thing that stood out to me was the food. The combination of flavours and ingredients are blended together to form dishes historically influenced by a number of …

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A national dish, to a large extent is a cultural identity to the country whatsoever. However, with today’s multicultural residency in most countries we have been introduced to so many different delicacies, which have unintentionally taken up more popularity then …

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