Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers.

Flowers have always been one of the topmost choices to greet someone dear on special celebrations especially Christmas. Thus on Christmas, flower bunches, bouquets and flower baskets turn out as most mainstream idea of gifting options to greet and gift dear ones. Buying presents in itself can be a task and a half and if you know your family or friends to be one of those who love traveling, the options are even more scarce¬†and the costs could be higher. But also, You wouldn’t want to gift someone something they’re never going to use. Well if the thought of Christmas gifts is confusing you then read the blog further to get amazing Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers.



Book your close ones and your self a glam-ping/luxury camping holiday away from the noise of the city. Or get some Christmas vouchers for spa days or wine and cheese evenings and sway away with the serenity of nature.

Travel Gadgets


What is the one thing almost all travel lovers hate?

Think Harder…!

Long Layovers? yes! Those who love traveling have to go through a lot of those to make it to their destination. Lets you make this easier for them! Get your travel lover a distraction, perhaps a tablet or a reader for movies/books.

Or even a camera, to capture the sweet memories – at every destination next on their travel list.

Little luxuries like personalized notebooks or journals that gives away the travelers style at first glance, or even a travel gift set that easily portable.


Stand out materials such as Suitcases and backpacks that are not only extremely stylish but also light weight is one of the A1 presents you can give a family that loves traveling.


And finally, not expensive or large but extremely helpful – a set of noise canceling headphones can make the best post Christmas gift – after all,who wouldn’t want to relish on some good music while they at the transit, expecting the next flight.

Drop us a comment and tell us what you would like for christmas this year! Remember, Santa is listening…

Happy Holidays from Travelstart Tanzania!

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