Halloween, the holiday of terror – is usually celebrated with family and friends, and neighbors. People dress up in fancy costumes and visit other homes in the neighborhood. Trick or treating is one of the most commonly followed traditions all over the world; kids dressed in spooky costumes knock on doors in the neighborhood demanding sweets, snacks or a small gifts.Many other exciting customs are followed to celebrate this holiday like carving lanterns with ‘scary’ faces out of pumpkins or other vegetables or decorate their homes and gardens in Halloween style,

Originating from a pagan festival in parts of Northern Europe, cultural traditions claim that Halloween is a time when magic is most potent and spirits can make contact with the physical world. Halloween costumes started to appear in stores in the 1930s and the custom of ‘trick-or-treat’ appeared in the 1950s. However now Halloween is a profitable holiday for the manufacturers of costumes, yard decorations and candy.

The style of celebrating Halloween varies between cities and cultures. Travelstart brings you the 5 most spoken about Halloween traditions, all from different cities in the USA. If you ever happen to plan your trip to the USA during fall – be sure to participate in a few of the customs that day !

1. Halloween in New York


New York City’s Village Halloween Parade is a cultural phenomenon that shuts down lower Manhattan with an excess of urban revelry. A grand group of people screaming, cheering, and each celebrating in their own way, all dressed in spooky yet cute costumes parading between Houston and 16th Streets. Each year the parade vouches to a specific theme – this year the theme is is “Shine a Light,” which will include walking chandeliers that will give away shards of light. Exciting isn’t it?

3. Halloween in Los Angeles


The  West Hollywood Carnival is the world’s largest Halloween street party held in Los Angeles, USA. Bursting with creativity – the costumes range from Princess to Pauper – each with its own kind of special. Enjoy the Six stages with over 50 music acts, a variety of contests, live performances, and drink specials.

3. Halloween in Colorado


For those interested in history, this is for you! A small town of 5,200 people and home to natural mineral springs  believed to have healing powers, attracted pianist Emma Crawford in 1889 in an attempt to cure her tuberculosis. After her death (2 years later), the town memorialized Emma Crawford with the annual festival prior to Halloween. The idea is the – coffin races, where impersonators of Crawford ride in wheeled caskets while being pushed by four “mourners. Spooky eh? Well on the brighter side – who’s looking to loose some weight this fall!

4. Halloween in Atlanta


A parade yet again! Local artisan kitchens and food trucks set up stalls selling delicacies like tacos, barbecue briskets, and wood-fired pizzas. Lasting up to two hours only, this parade is accompanied by two stages of local musicians and a market full of artists. The Little Five Points acts as a hub of local arts and culinary culture.

5. Halloween in Las Vegas


Well reputed for being Grand at everything, Las Vegas looks beautiful decorated with people in their Halloween costumes. Las Vegas will bestow you an immersive fright experience with  Circus Circus, where the Adventure dome theme park transforms into a fright home, with six haunted house and an In-sanitarium, a shuttered insane asylum where the surgeon of slaughter end you! Okay, not literally though ..


Share with us your Halloween experiences with customs from different cultures!



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  1. Nice post. Thanks for introducing Halloween events in different cities of USA. Also, It’s good to learn that the festival is originated from a pagan festival in Northern Europe.

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