Journey overpowers the destination.

We have heard this over and over implying to a number of things – inspiration, motivation and what not. But to phrase this literally, the journey is really important. You dont want to have a tiring and dreadful journey, where by the time you reach your destination you cant really enjoy it to the maximum.

Below we have listed for you a few major airlines flying out from Tanzania that we are proud to be part of. Book your seats on these airlines with us now and get the best flight rates in Dar e salaam.



Taking off to 140 Destinations, to 6 continents around the world – Emirates has a fleet of about 230 aircraft’s. They have almost 1500 departures from their hub, Dubai, each week.

They are prized and well recognized for their excellence when it comes to flight entertainment, cuisines offered on board and their services.


Quick fact: KLM is the only airline still operating under its original name since 1919.

KLM has a wide range of options when it comes to anything regarding comfort. May it be your choice on the seating all the way to what you would like to have as a meal. With a touchdown to 318 destinations, KLM even has a great variety on your destination list.

Oman Air

Oman Airs ulterior motive is to make you feel most comfortable and soothed while flying. There are a few facilities that offer out of the ordinary such as duty free shopping facilities on board etc.

Oman Air has a vision to be the leading airline in a number of years to come. Well, they are getting their rapidly i would say.

Qatar Airways

The number 1 airline at the moment, that has outclassed the award winning carrier due to their A+ quantity and quality of service. They have been voted airline of the year twice consecutively on the year 2011 and 2012.

Qatar has a stopover at Hamad international airport in Doha where you are able to then fly to 140 destinations.

South African airways

South African airways is the leading carrier in Africa. It touches down 56 destinations. Welcoming their passengers warmly and providing them with excellent service through out their stay on board is what South African airways is highly reputed for.

They have the most professional and pleasant crew who will provide their undivided attention to flyers on board and are well versed with the products and services offered by South African airways.

Swiss Air

Being a national Airline from Switzerland, Swiss air flies out from Zurich and Geneva to 106 destinations and 49 countries world wide.

With luxurious seating and a pleasent crew, Swiss air also gives you an entertainment package with 140 channels all through.

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