Clothes & Accessories

Wrap your clothes and sleeping bag in plastic bags before putting them in your duffel bag so that in the event of rain they stay dry.

Bring lots of hand, leg & feet warmers. Also consider bringing a hot water bottle to help keep you warmer in the sleeping bag.

Wear a good quality pair of UV protection sunglasses and where necessary use adequate sun protection cream.

Vaseline or Vicks Vaporub is good to combat frost bite and if you start to blister;blister plasters will also help a lot.

mtn gear


Food & Water
Bring enough snacks like cereal-like energy bars and the like but avoid the energy bars likely to get hard to eat low temperatures. As for planned meal, don’t worry. There are hotels on the mountains and tours will have meals or picnics planned.

Use water purification tablets before drinking water from the mountain streams.

Your Gadgets

Still-picture camera;
Keep your camera dry (perhaps inside your jacket and the lens warm) at all times. Moisture will freeze at the summit which’ll cause your camera to stop functioning.

For a film camera;
Take a small, portable tri-pod with you for those times when it’s so cold that you cannot hold the camera steady.

For your cell phone;

Activate international roaming if available. Because you can’t recharge the battery, have the phone on for one to two hours per day max.


Be sure to carry wet wipes (thank us later).

Bring a good decongestant spray or tablet. The moist air coming from your noise or on your lips will freeze and become very uncomfortable.

Carry your most important items/gear on your person or as hand luggage.


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