Las Vegas, or may I say Sin City – is usually a getaway from our lives. It was a mere desert which is now a place for entertainment. Reputed for various forms of entertainment like gambling and partying – Las Vegas, within a decade has drawn millions of visitors and trillions of dollars.

Statistically a man who visits Vegas stays there for approximately 4 days. But for those who stay there for longer than that, make a few assumptions. The very famous “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” has brought with it a number of myths and Travelstart is here to educate you about, and to oppose them.

1. Vegas has a way of tricking you to gamble more, or at all!


Allow me to break it to you – You do – what you do – because you want to do it!
People out there actually believe Casinos in Las Vegas pump some kind of gas into the floor to make them continue gambling. Well, NO! That is not true – although for a fact – casinos do not have clocks or windows giving out the feeling of being in a different, more beautiful world – I assure you there is no scientific explanation this has anything to do with how you gamble.

2. Only Gamblers Zone


Vegas offers a lot of options for entertainment such as shopping, experiencing their nightlife and the list goes on. Some people also travel to Vegas for business or to visit family. Although gambling is a big part of Vegas’s well known world class entertainment – It is not the only thing you would visit Vegas for.

3. Small Businesses in Vegas? NON EXISTENT


Within the recent years, small businesses have taken off around the city especially in areas like downtown. A number of small shops and restaurants have opened up and are gracefully taking off.

4. No one permanently resides in Vegas

Doubtlessly, a lot of people travel to Vegas for work or leisure – but the population in Vegas, as of now is approximately 2,000,000 people – I will allow this statement to explain itself.

5. Vegas is not family friendly


Although the strip is not a place you would fancy bringing your teen to, there are lots of things you can do as a family like visit the Ethel M chocolate factory, or perhaps the Discovery Children’s Museum! Allow me to add, downtown that has almost a hundred exhibits in the arts humanities & sciences,

6. Its always a Bikini weather!


NO. ITS NOT.  Agreed that Vegas is extremely hot in the summer but hey, it gets cold in the winter. That’s just how desert climate works – you get to experience extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum.

7. You MUST party every night.


Unless you are on a vacation, how exactly do you think people make it to work in the morning if they are out partying every night? While the image of Las Vegas is partying & drinking all night, people who actually live there, have it very differently. Even though you are subject to your hangover fantasy – let’s not ignore that those in Vegas have lives and jobs they are responsible for.

8. You will always meet interesting MEN.


Now this may come off very disappointing to you – but you may not! All the tourist you will come across will mostly be very shady, with sunglasses and a puke bucket during the day, and too drunk to finish a sentence without slurring during the nights.

Lets just say – Sin City is a desert in more ways than one!


Share your experience to Las Vegas and let us know what you think about the city!

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