Taking a vacation or holiday especially on a tight budget is not easy. It needs a lot of planing and structure before you decide to take those days off, relaxing or exploring a new place.

But Travelstart Tanzania has made the ‘planning’ much easier, having broken it down to 4 steps!

1. Research



Before you go, it’s always a good practice to investigate the local conditions, laws, political landscape, and culture of the country you’re visiting. And we’re a good place to start. We’ve been there, done that, and have a few t-shirts to show for it. Also before you book a flight, hotel room, or vacation package, check the price on each of the individual vendor’s sites. Oftentimes, cutting out the middle man and booking separately is cheaper than buying a package on sites

2. Manage your money



“If there’s one time of the year when people shop with their heart, not their head, it’s the holiday season,” however Take a moment and think about your favorite memories from holidays past. You know — the memories that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside – the best memories revolve around experiences: spending time with loved ones, laughing together when the cat knocks over the Christmas tree, crying when you realize there are broken ornaments all over the floor, and then laughing again when you realize everyone is now laughing at you for crying. Plan your vacation to revolve around experiences not around material.

3.Packing checklist



Before you head towards your wardrobe or wrap the toiletries, make sure you have a list of all essential items. If you have planned for a foreign trip, apart from a valid passport, you will also require a tourist visa. Though some countries like Singapore and Mauritius provide a visa on arrival, many will ask you to have it before you board the flight. Do not forget to check if there are some country guidelines on specific vaccinations you might have to take before your visit and keep some common drugs like painkillers and paracetamol pills in your first-aid kit.

4. Consult a travel agency for best results




Consulting a travel agency is the best alternative because you know they know! They are aware of all the legal and casual formalities at your preferred destination. They know the best flight options that will save you the extra expense at your long layovers and they will advise you of options within your budget. They may also be able to pull a few strings and get you some pretty sweet discounts!

On that note, stop by at Travelstart Tanzania or visit us at and let us help you plan your next holiday at the best cost!

Valentine’s around the corner though – look out for our next article with highlights about where you can take your special one this valentine!



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