The world is a mystery man have tried over and over to solve! And from everything Man has discovered, two things are the most beautiful to feel. Love and Nature. This Valentine, lets combine both.

Travelstart Tanzania has shortlisted the worlds best Islands. A sneak peak to your Valentine travel destination? Keep reading!

  • Big Island Hawai


Known for its magnificent colors of the Rainbow, Akaka falls at the Big island in Hawaii hold down the Best view. On this Island you are also able to witness the lava oozing Kilauea at the Hawaii volcanoes national park.


  • Fiji Islands

Quick fact: Out of the 302 islands in Fiji only 1/3rd of them are inhabited

Now here’s a fact for Valentine: Tiny Tararua is shaped like a heart.

The islands in Fiji are best visited by surfing and even better for honeymooners.


  • Mykonos, Greece



Mainly stereotyped to be visited only by the rich and famous, Mykonos is known to be the most friendly island in Europe. Its architecture is beautifully engrossed with wooden ceilings, stone walls and antiques.


  • Harbor Island, Bahamas


Being beautifully bright red and pink, this island is the official island of Romance with excellent sea food facilities and is wonderfully peaceful and quiet. Oh, another fun fact: Cars are officially banned in the Harbor island – you can however rent a golf cart,


  • Santorini,Greece



Being not only one of those with great vineyards, beautiful roses and desserts, Santorini is also well known for its bubbly white wine and colorful beaches.
The Black pebbled Kamari beach and the Red beach in Red socks. Oh, and not forgetting the cliff revelings almost 300 years old.


  • Bora Bora



Bora Bora is ranked highly for its natural beauty and crystal blue lagoons. It is one of the best places for water sports too – such like Snorkeling and Kayaking.

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