The Golden Rule is;


There’s no rule that says you have to eat three square meals every single day. Stay in resorts with a Bed and Breakfast policy rather than all-inclusive so you’re not tempted to fill up just because you “paid for it!”. In case of open buffets, use the one-trip-only rule and use the small plates (enough to encourage you to eat what you want but in small portions).


Choose the healthy option
All cuisines have options that have lower calories and fats than other on their menus. Anything with the words ‘grilled’ or steamed’ are our best options. Pick veggies and salads for sides instead of fries and rice.


Split the dessert

Two benefits; its a sweet gesture to whom you’re sharing with and its sure to you’re sure to have just enough to satisfy a craving while maintaining your composure.



Everything in moderation

We go on vacations to let lose and have fun with everything; including the food. You’ve been craving these things for a while now so might as well enjoy them as prepared in their country of origin (in moderation). They’re never going to taste better. Don’t have more than one guilty pleasure a day, then add some salad and vegetables to the mix.


See the fridge in your room? Use it!
Stock up on healthy snacks like fresh fruit and wholegrain cereal in the hotel fridge so you’re not tempted with room service


Be on the move!

Keep your days as active as possible. Try walking between distances as opposed to riding vehicles there, this way you’ll see more and up close. Have a little (or a lot of) retail therapy, hikes and concerts too and of course have a some lay-down-in-the-sun-by-the-beach time.


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