The Perks Of Business Class

When boarding

You’re a priority. Business class users won’t face half the trouble that economy class users do.


The Seats

The seats are better, (hurray for more leg room) and you’re supplied with plush pillows and blankets when it comes time to catch a few Zs. You sure won’t find anyone complaining of fatigue, backache or headaches. In 2015 Qatar Airways announced that it would be raising its stakes when it came to its business class seats calling it ‘A dream—a seat above the rest’. In 2016 they won ‘World’s Best Business Class’, says it all!

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Gourmet Menus Are a Given

It’s high quality ingredients, flavors & aromas, high-end meals from starters and dessert served with class and precision. The choices are a variety of hot & cold drinks, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, you name it. Etihad for example has Food and Beverage Managers (their hospitality experts) who guide you through extensive menu options so you can have the perfect meal elements when put together.

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Its the L(uxury)ittle Things

This kind of flying definitely comes with an experience unlike any other. You have access to luxuries like spas, on-board bars, gourmet menus, private rooms, personalized in-flight entertainment (unlike in economy where its one size fits all), nannies & so much more.

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Catch Up on Work

Business Class like its name is designed in such a way it suits the needs of the businessman perfectly. For instance during your waiting period you will have access to power supplies, USB posts, good WiFi signal and a flat surface to use your laptop on.


More Miles, More Discounts

Flying business class means you will earn more points on every mile of the journey. More airline miles will get you better discounts or low cost upgrades for your next flights.

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