Some of the best cities in the world evoke romanticism of travel such as Italy’s classic crowd-pleasers, Florence and Rome. Both have appeared on the Top 10 Overall list for ten consecutive years.

But nothing beats the best 3 cities in the world that are the most visited per annum.

On number one we have a city from Asia.
Bangkok, Thailand.



Thailand is highly popular for tourist especially on leisure travels. It is not only cheap but also highly populated with an extremely friendly crowd. The lively markets and the nightlife in Bangkok is astonishing. The city is a blend of tangled wires and broken sidewalks with stilted houses and monk chants.

Through all this going on in Bangkok they are still able to accommodate luxurious hotels and amazing restaurants. A typical day in Bangkok would begin with a simple local breakfast, followed with a day full of shopping and a beautiful end to the evening by one of the best thai massages you could think of.

London, England.


London is filled with one of a kind attractions. From the gorgeous Ferris wheel, the Royal watching at Buckingham palace to taking part in plays at the west End – London has it all.

If you are looking for something fashionable for cheap or fresh produce for a picnic – there are dozens of markets i london the most famous being the Borough market which sprawls across several huge Victorian arcades on the south bank of the River Thames near London Bridge Station.

Visit the world class museums or shop from designers are based in London, including the likes of Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Manolo Blahnik. More so, London’s Fashion Week is considered to be among the “Big Four” fashion weeks in the world.



We have almost 80 million foreign visitors each year to Paris. Reputed for its cultural attractions and being a masterpeice in architecture – Paris is like eye candy to the visitors. There is no body who does not have Paris as a destination in his Travel bucket list.

Also known as the hub for art lovers, Paris houses the Lourre museum (a former Royal place).

Paris is home to 35,000 pieces of ancient and classical artwork.

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