Travel Tip – The Shelfpack

We love to travel but packing is also a bit of a hassle, unless you travel a lot or you basically live out of your suitcase. But the Shelfpack is revolutionizing packing. It’s a suitcase that evolves into a portable dresser that pulls out into a series of collapsible shelves. Say hello to easy packing and good bye to wrinkles and unpacking the whole case looking for one particular item – ideal for every packing scenario.

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It has a series of retractable supports so when in transit, the shelves drop into the case’s body. When you’re ready to set up the dresser, the support poles pull out and lock into place giving you a clean, organized look at your entire travel wardrobe. Watch it in action:


If you’re looking to purchase one, head over to their website for more information on how to get your own.

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