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Seychelles, or should i say a piece of paradise? A beautiful Island with magnificent white sands and mesmerizing blue seas, Seychelles has made its way to the hearts of all tourists. It is blessed with nature reserves and even on the three most inhabited islands, large areas of land are protected.
Wanting to Travel to Seychelles but are not 100% confident? Well, Travelstart is here an experience straight from the horse’s mouth. Abida Hassanali, the Operations Manager at Travelstart Tanzania is here to share her phenomenal experience to Seychelles. “I would go back in a heartbeat!” she says. “It is the most relaxing holiday I have ever been to, one of the best destinations to unwind!”

Welcome to Seychelles


“My first time flying on Air Seychelles, I wasn’t sure if I would be happy with the Airline. We were welcomed into the aircraft by an extremely friendly staff. The flight departed at 1510 Hours from Dar es salaam. Lunch was served approximately within 30 minutes after departure. My husband and I then decided to take a nap. Not long after, were we awoken by the air hostess asking us to fasten our seat belts as we had finally arrived our destination”

Welcome to Seychelles

“My heart skipped a beat as I stepped out the Mahe International Airport We hired a cab to Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort which was a mere 20 Minute drive from the airport. The taxi driver was a very friendly man.

The Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay


“As soon as we entered the hotel, we were warmly welcomed with a glass of chilled Lemon grass iced tea (which was much appreciated because of the warm climate at that point) and were further directed to our room.”

“Entering a big room with off white and glass interior, i was awestruck by the beauty of the suite we settled in.”


“After about an hour of relaxing on the very comfortable beds and getting ready for dinner, we went down the beach and relaxed on the couches by the sea, listening to the live bands play music while feasting on the exotic view of waves hitting the shores. To my surprise, Seychelles is a lot livelier at nights. I assume it is the weather driving people to prefer staying indoors during the day time and let themselves out during the nights as it appears to be much cooler.”

“The next day we visited the giant turtle petting pond in the hotel. I ain’t even kidding, the turtles were humongous! We than spent a day at the beach and had delicious sea food and mocktails. That night we had barbecued sea food for dinner while we sat by the beach listening to the relaxing sounds of the sea.”


Around Mahe


“The next morning the hotel offered us a free shuttle service to Victoria, the Capital of Seychelles which is situated on the north-eastern side of Mahe island. It was a hot day and the city was pretty crowded so by evening we returned back to the hotel. By this point we were just so in love with the sea and the sand – we were okay with just lazing by the beach all holiday.”

Off to Perslin.

“An hour long inter island ferry from Mahe, Praslin is another Island in Seychelles. We checked out of the hotel and left for Praslin at around 1630 Hours checking in to Berjaya Praslin Resort – this time being welcomed with chilled and fresh coconut water at about 1830 Hours.


“We stayed the weekend, feasting on the beautiful beach, magnificent beach weather and activities such as Boating, Snorkeling and Diving! We also indulged in few Historic Educational Tours, visited the Doctors House Museum and learnt about the history of Seychelles. The fruit, Coco De Mer – a huge black two rounded black fruit – was the highlight of my educational trip.


Back to Mahe

“After a weekend at Perslin we left for Mahe on a warm Monday afternoon and arrived an hour later. We relaxed by the beach and went for a swim later that evening.”

Flying back to Dar e salaam

“On Tuesday morning we were bid farewell by the extremely nice and friendly staff at the Berjaya Resort and left for the airport. This time we knew the price for the ride. We were at the airport an hour before the check in,and we ready for a smooth flight back to dar e salaam. We were served breakfast on board. Landing at 2 pm we walked out of the Dar e salaam international airport feeling content with a new vibe within ourselves.”

“The time away from the buzz and craze of dar e salaam and the peace and refreshing moments of Seychelles helped us rediscover ourselves. We had been so busy with work and individual lives, we really needed to re-spark our relationship. I wouldn’t have chosen a better destination than Seychelles for that. Id personally vote it the best honeymoon destination. ”

If you have your experiences to share, feel free to write to us or comment below. We would love to hear more about and share your experiences to Seychelles.

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  1. Seychelles sounds great. Recently I have heard many praise about this destination. Which season is the best to go here for a diving trip?

    • Hi.. It is doubtlessly beautiful. Blessed with an all year long warm and tropical climate. However for swimming, snorkeling and especially diving are superb during April/May and October/November.

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