“If travelling were free, you’d never see me”, said everyone everywhere every day. But alas! We have all wanted to travel but been limited by our finances. Here, we’re going to be embarking on a mission to debunk the popular myth because if there is one thing Travelstart knows it’s a good deal.

1. Fly during the low seasons (especially after Holidays).

We’re now at the tail end of the Easter deal zone, everyone wants to do something exciting elsewhere and so this is the time to do some local tourism. After the big holidays, airlines drop prices until they fill up their planes. Take advantage of this!

2.Sign up for alerts and newsletters on Travel Agencies sites.

Why spend countless hours on your phone or tablet or laptop hunting for deals you don’t know when they will come? Simply join the client database of your travel agency to receive SMSs and mail shoots of deals on tickets and packages. It’s simple and time effective, almost like employing a personal shopper. All you have to do is receive and reserve.

3. Choose cheap destinations and packages.

Here is an idea; make a list of where you want to go and verify if it’s on the cheap side of your expected travel time.

4. Fly cheap routes and airports.

In many cases, connecting flights with a stop (or two) are cheaper than non-stops. If you can handle a little more inconvenience, fly from the biggest airport in your area; it may not be the closest but bigger airports usually mean cheaper tickets and could make a long drive worth it.

Assuming you are busy or not totally informed on how to get these deals on your own or don’t know where to start; Travelstart will help you find cheap flights according to your budget so you can fly even if you are ‘broke’.

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