A national dish, to a large extent is a cultural identity to the country whatsoever. However, with today’s multicultural residency in most countries we have been introduced to so many different delicacies, which have unintentionally taken up more popularity then the authentic national dishes in most countries.

Read more to find out the most popular and now ranked as the unofficial national dishes, from various countries around the Globe.

Afghanistan – Kabuli Pulao

This is made from Long grained rice, which steamed in meat broth mixed with assorted vegetables, lentils and nuts.Not only is this dish extremely delicious, it is a terrifically heavy meal.

Australia – Meat pie



Not even close to as heavy as the Kabuli pulao. the Australian meat pie is a baked pie filled with gravy made out of ground meat, mushrooms and/or onions and cheese. The best way to savor the deliciousness is to top it with chilled ketchup right before you dig in.
Tip : Serve the pie warm!

Canada – Poutine

This is perhaps the easiest dish to put together. A plate of french fries topped with gravy containing chicken or turkey and fresh cheese.


The authentic dish normally preferred in England is the Traditional Roast Dinner which is a combination of potatoes, Roasted beef with gravy and assorted veggies such as broccoli and green beans all in your plate at once.


However, The fish and chips trend – which is Battered or crumbed deep fried fish with thickly cut french fries – has gotten more popular with the youths of the country.

France – crepe

In France you are able to not only enjoy sweet and fruitful crepes for breakfast but also savory flaovoured crepe for dinner or lunch. A wheat flour pancake with fillings such as bacon, sausage, cheese and mushroom.

Now that is a revolution to “breakfast for dinner” isn’t it?


India is the land of tradition. And because of the so many cultures India celebrates, they also celebrate so many kinds of delicacies. The most popular ones to be

Masala Dosa

A thin batter pancake with spicy potato fillings.

Tandoori Chicken

Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and baked in the tandoor – which is a clay oven.


This is perhaps the heaviest meals from the above made out of long grained rice cooked with meat and spices.

Iran – Chelo kebab

Skewered ground meat which is served with rice and tomatoes. Not very heavy but enough to keep you through the day!

Israel – Falafel and humus

This is also very common in a number of other Arab countries but is most devoured in Israel. Falafel are basically just deep fried chickpea balls and humus plays the role of the side dish being a mere chickpea-sesame-olive oil-lemon juice-garlic dip.


Pizza? right? Well. not really. Although Italy has made pizza the most favorite Italian dish to most countries (and oh, we cant thank Italy enough for this invention), Lasagna is more popular among the Italians.


Lasagna is put together with flat pasta, mostly ground but any kind of meat would work too, cheese and tomato sauce baked in the oven. The taste is mainly obtained from the oregano and garlic while cooking.

Japan – Sushi

This is perhaps the post difficult thing to make for the unskilled chefs. But it doesn’t sound so complex. Just some seaweeds and rice rolls with raw or cooked fish fillings.

Mexico – Taco

Of course! Wasn’t this so predictable? I mean, who wouldn’t love a tortilla with beef and cheese fillings served with guacamole and salsa! I can feel my taste buds coming alive already!

Taiwan – Beef noodle soup


Speaking of which, this soup does not go well with your 0 Calorie diet. This is a high in calorie, soup made out of Braised beef brisket, vegetables, and noodles cooked in beef broth. But i will kid you not, it’s totally worth it.

United Arab Emirates – Shawarma

With the fast life style around the UAE you don’t really have time for a fancy meal do you? Im guessing Shawarma is excitingly popular around the UAE because not only is it quick and handy while being filling, but is also extremely delicious.

Grilled meat shavings such as chicken or lamb wrapped in bread with tomatoes, cucumbers and humus.

United States of America

Hamburgers are popular and loved all around the world. But USA beats the rest of the world at it. The ground meat patties between the sesame buns, with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheese have gotten so famous with the young generation of today, that the popularity of Mac’n Cheese has actually been let down.


Until a few years ago, before the Hamburger took over, Mac’n cheese used to be the ultimate unofficial national dish of the USA. Basically just elbow macaroni cooked in white sauce and cheese, this was easier to put together and delicious too. Id still go with Mac’n cheese on this one! What about you?








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