Honeymoons should be epic and if you’re after a once-in-a-lifetime getaway Zanzibar is undoubtedly a beautiful place to visit. Whether you are looking for romance or adventure, the island is in abundance of both. Widely reputed for being a romantic/honeymoon hotspot, people travel far and wide to experience its splendor & magic. For adventurous couples looking to honeymoon in an exotic destination, the island of Zanzibar will provide a rich and romantic experience.

As of late we’re seeing a significant increase in couples seeking for more adventure than lazy days by the beach. Along with its rich culture, sights and mystery, adventure is quickly becoming a part of Zanzibar’s spirit. So along with everything else you may want to do during your vacay on the isle, consider trying some of these to your itinerary;

1. Water Skiing and Paragliding

These activities are available throughout Zanzibar, more so on the north coast. Don’t worry about the gear, plenty of local companies stock up on the most up-to-date gear you may need to have a safe & fun time.

2. Windsurfing

Let the gentle monsoon winds carry over pristine clear blue waters. The really cool part is many hotels can organize it while you’re enjoying your stay.

3. Sailing

A historic pastime in Zanzibar, sailing can be done in either one of the local vessels like a ‘jahazi’, ‘ngalawa’ boats or dhows or you could kick it new school with speed boats and yachts.

4. Kayaking

Ideal for a family vacation and a great way to self-explore the shores of this wonderful island. Kayaking equipment can be found all over the island at various water sport centers.

5. Kite Surfing

This sport is relatively new and is becoming very popular in Zanzibar. The weather conditions are nearly always perfect for this activity. This is a great place for the experienced as well as those looking to learn the sport. Kite surfing schools can be found on the east and north coasts.

6. Swimming with Dolphins

In these waters there is a 90% chance that you will see both bottle-nose dolphins and humpback dolphins. Talk about epic? You have the opportunity to swim with dolphins as long as they’re near the boat. Don’t worry, you have guides and professionals with you to help in case of anything.

7. Snorkeling

Zanzibar coasts are filled with beautiful reefs that are alive with an unbelievable amount of fish and marine creatures. Variety of species such as the whale shark & green turtles call these reef home and as long as you don’t disturb the floor you’re a welcome visitor. What better way to see all these creatures than in their natural setting?

For honeymooners; consider not going on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding celebrations. Take time out to rest, a couple of days even, have a mini-moon (to re-energize) before going on your honeymoon to enjoy both activity-filled & lazy-beach days.

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