You must be wondering how accurate could this actually be? We did some research with the sample space at the office and wouldn’t you know it! Many actually agree with it. Read and compare your travel self with the characters of your zodiac listed below with an open mind, then drop us a comment on how accurate/inaccurate yours is.

Aries:  Independent travelers with a impulsive & impatient nature. Has a tendency to charge forth with a jam-packed itinerary, and while this may be effective in seeing everything it doesn’t leave you time to soak in and appreciate the culture and artistry around you. You get burned out trying to make the most of the vacay which is good since it will eventually allow you time to slow down and really appreciate the locale.

How about: Pairing a busy morning of tours/hiking/kayaking with a leisurely afternoon.

Taurus: Loves travel that appeals to their senses; everything from the aesthetics of the place to knowing the best eateries around. More often than not Taureans love a sense of security and will opt to go to the same vacation spot, staying in the same hotel and the same room because of this. This will however work against you as you miss out on some amazing experiences.

Try something new: A spontaneous trip; get good last minute deals on airfares and choose an inspiring new destination off of it to see.

Gemini: Travels with so much energy and vitality, bringing the party to everywhere they are. Has a habit of going overboard when planning a trip e.g instead of just Dubai and Abu Dhabi, would likely plan a tour of the entire U.A.E. not wanting to miss anything worth seeing there. You have a good ear for languages.

To help you out: Book a cruise with ports-of-call that each offer something unique.

Cancer: Loves adventure but also security and comfort so you tend to have the most fun when travelling with company you’re close to. You likely look for old friends and relatives that are in the places you travel. You love a nicely balanced itinerary that has lay-in-the-sun time as well as fun adventures planned.

How about: Pampering yourself with a spa treatment so you get home feeling fresh and revitalized.

Leo: Magnetic, adventurous & enthusiastic travelers likely to be up for anything from extreme sports at the Grand Canyon to wine tasting in Lake Como. Being a trendsetter, Leos are the go-to authority on travel suggestions. You’re cautious, real and optimist and like to be in similar company when travelling.

Travel tip: Utilize the hotel room safe, (minor charges may apply)

Virgo: Don’t mind solo travel because of being such an introvert. This, along with being a perfectionist, actually works in your favor because it means always being prepared for anything from a day at the beach to a trek in the jungle.

Try something new: Wander around and “get lost” to explore and see where the day takes you.

Libra: Love to feed your creative side while appreciating the small luxuries and have an eye for artistry. The Libra traveler might be too busy hitting the stores and being easily distracted by pretty & shiny things to bother with a fascinating walking tour. Still very sociable and charming with the crowds.

To help you out: Visit places with a great gift shop, then make time to browse afterwards.

Scorpio: Persistent, passionate and intense, only optimal destinations will ideally feed into your interests. You’re either complete loners or befriending everyone in the entire tour bus! You prefer to stay focused on the reasons you’re on the trip while being observant and respectful of local customs.

Why not try: Finding a resort that offers group tours  to balance your friendship meter.

Sagittarius: Free spirited with a dash of wanderlust, your positive outlook and adaptable quality enables them to roll with the punches. The Sagittarius can be reckless and irresponsible at times like blowing your entire budget on a single item or an upgrade to a suite. Nevertheless there is never a dull moment with you.

How about: Before stepping out, set a daily allowance and create a splurge fund for the impulsive buys.

Capricorn: Travelers with a purpose, with a love for prestige and traveling in style.You always seem to know just the right person to get you exclusive tours or a table at the hottest restaurant. In foreign places, you’re cautious and careful to the point of missing out on more authentic & organic experiences.

Travel tip: Rent a place with all of the comfort but more of the authenticity you seek.

Aquarius: Loves to engage with the locals and will find the most off-the-beaten-path, insider spots and secluded beaches. Quick to embrace the new and unusual, you can be found exploring the most eccentric of places with  fearless and spontaneity.

To help you out: Hit up a museum at the end of the trip to put your experiences in context.

Pisces: Goes with the flow and prone to either to not do any planning or just leave it to the last minute (needless to say makes you prone to forgetfulness). Their attitude about travel is often “come what may.”  With your high aptitude for spiritualism and sharp intuitions, you’re great at reading and understanding those surrounding you.

Try something new: Have a travel checklist and make it your out-the-door routine.

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