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Aviation Accident Death Benefit

A cash benefit will be payable in the event of the death of the ticketholder, caused by an aviation accident, during a flight purchased online from Travelstart. Injuries or disabilities resulting from an aviation accident are not covered.

The following cash benefits will apply:

  • US$150,000-00 per ticketholder, aged 12 years and older
  • US$ 75,000-00 per ticketholder under the age of 12 years

This insurance cover is in addition to any insurance cover that may be provided by the carrier – please refer to your carriers Terms & Conditions for details on covers provided.

What does this Policy cost?

  • For passengers 12 and over: US$12.00
  • For passengers under 12: US$ 6.00

A service fee of US$ 3-00 is added to the premium to determine the amount charged. The total amount charged can fluctuate due to currency movements between the US$ and the Tanzanian Shilling.

The single premium is journey, not flight-dependent. This means that a single journey which involves more than one independent flight (i.e. separated by a landing and take-off) will require the payment of only one single premium.

More details

  • What is an aviation accident?
  • Who are the underwriters?
  • Under what circumstances is the benefit payable?
  • Who is covered?
  • Who receives the benefit?
  • What happens if the flight is cancelled?
  • What’s excluded from the policy?

Read the Aviation Accident Benefit Terms & Conditions.

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