Emirates is one of the All time fav’s for most frequent flyers. In fact – the name in itself is enough to define the quality of service you may want to receive on board. From being welcomed by gorgeous and friendly flight attendants, the delicious cuisines on board or the wide range of options for in-flight entertainment – Emirates has been prized for its class and excellence for all.


Emirates is bent upon giving their travelers the most comfortable way out. Should it be checking in online or the privilege to use your mobile phones and wifi in-flight – nothing is impossible for them. Communication is the least of barriers when flying Emirates. Most flights have an in-seat satellite telephone and on screen SMS/email service and an in-seat phone to speak to someone seated elsewhere on board. How cool is that?!

Not just highly reputed for their A+ service on ground and on board – Emirates is also well known for its affordable flight rates and come down with irresistible specials offers time and again.

Lets make the most of the special offer for 2016. Precisely, you are buying yourself the best service to one of the dream destinations at extremely affordable prices :

Dubai – $525
Mumbai – $544
Frankfurt – $706
Karachi – $764
Paris – $804
Amsterdam – $831
Beijing – $864
Birmingham – $948

These fares are return and inclusive of all taxes! Also, your ticket is well valid anytime before the 30th of June 2016! Awesome isn’t it? Sales validity ends on 26th Feb. So hurry and contact us now to get the best fares possible. Do not miss out 😀


Let us know your next destination in the comments below and let us help you get the best flight fares possible!




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