January is the most boring month of the year. Suffering from the post holiday blues, you’re fat from the holidays and probably broke from all the gifts you bought for family and friends. It is not at all exciting with im guessing very minimum festivals and/or holidays!
Hold up though – All these stereotypical information about poor January does not apply for India!

We are all aware of how traditional and vibrant India and the Indian culture is! The city celebrates about 300 festivals in a year – the most popular ones being Diwali, Holi and Dussehra. Apart from the national festivals they have regional festivals such as Baisakhi (in Punjab) or Thai Poosam (in Tamil Nadu) that are very colorful. Indian dance forms are probably the signature of every celebration.

Find out the 5 most exciting festivals you can not miss on your stay in India during the month of January.

  • Lohri


Celebrated on January 13th, Lohri marks the zenith of winter. Indians from various parts of the country celebrate the fertility and the abundance in harvest the month brings by singing and dancing around a large bonfire. Of course Indian music plays a major role.

  • International Kite Festival


This is majorly celebrated in Gujrat but is also given importance to, in other parts of the country. It is on ofe the most bright and vibrant festivals and alot of other countries participate in this.

  • Magh mela


One of the most awaited fairs in India, this is held between the 14th of January and ends around the 7th of March. It is a traditional Indian festival that is mainly targeted to the Hindu pilgrims and travelers who wish to take a dip in the holy Ganges which is believed to rid all of their sins. Allahabad is the hub that the pilgrims descend at.

  • Jaipur literature Festival

Held from the 21st to the 25th January, this festival was conceptualized by William Dalrymple and author Namita Gokhale. It is the largest free literary festival in the world that attracts from noble laureates to local language writers.

  • Bikaner camel festival


Celebrating the ship of the desert, the camel, this festival was originated from Rajasthan. Camels are decked up and taken in a huge procession where camel related activities are performed example camel races,camel milking and what not.

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