No matter how awesome the destination you’re waiting for is, nor how dope the friends you’re traveling with, are; there is hardly anything you can do, to make those long haul flights bearable leave alone fun! But there are things you can do to feel better. Lets just say these are the ultimate-long-haul-flight-survival-tips.




1. Moisturize before hand.

You need to feel comfortable for a number of hours and you may not be able to change, moisturize or do much to help yourself during the flight. Moisturize your skin before you get dressed – and trust me this will make a huge difference! Make sure to use unscented cream to avoid feeling airsick for you or your seat mate.


2. Hydrate

Hydrating yourself will not only help with your skin and blood flow – it will also keep your muscles from getting stiff. Muscles wont be elastically flexible if they are dehydrated for a long period of time.


3. Go make up free

Give your skin a break from the daily workouts involving foundation, eye make up etc. Use moisturizer and lip balm instead.


4. Get more energy by boosting your immune system

Cut down on your sugar and carbs. A meal heavy in carbs can leave us bloated and puffy all along. High sugar snacks lowers the ability of the immune system for a period of 10-12 hours making you more susceptible to catching any viruses on the plane.


5. Relax and unwind all along

A long haul flight has you seated at one place for several hours. This is the best time to catch up on a movie (or 3) that you’ve been meaning to watch but just can not get the time to – from your busy schedule between work gym and family. Read a book or make a list of plans for the next exciting thing happening in your life. No matter what, always have a positive mindset.



Traveling is a bliss! Let the boring long haul flights not put you down – for there is better waiting for you on the other side!

Share your travel experiences with us and how you survived the long haul flights.


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