Things to know when travelling to Seychelles

1. Adventitious soul of the Island.

Activities such as rock climbing granite peaks, zip lining through forests, deep sea fishing, surfing, sailing, scuba diving in marine parks – its definitely action-packed and everyday is new and exciting!

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Picture courtesy of Seychelles Tourism Board


2. Flights
A direct flight from Dar’s JNIA Airport takes about five hours and a half with Kenya Airways. We are still awaiting for Air Seychelles to anoounce when they will be expanding their flight services this to JNIA. In the meantime to book great flights to the Seychelles, click here.

3. Visa
The Seychelles is a hassle-free destination to travel to. Tanzanian nationals get a visitor’s permit valid for 3 months’ stay, but you will be required to have the following

  • Passport valid for six or more months;
  • Return or onward ticket;
  • Proof of accommodation;
  • Money in your wallet otherwise MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted
  • Yellow fever card is recommended

The Seychelles are malaria-free and no compulsory vaccinations required. Unless you are going to visit areas with that particular inclination to such diseases.

4. Climate and time difference
The Seychelles boasts a tropical climate year-round and temperatures seldom drop below 24’c or rise above 33’c. The archipelago lies outside the cyclone belt, so it doesn’t experience weather extremes. October to May is the best time of year for scuba diving and water sports. The Seychelles is four hours ahead of GMT, or one hour ahead of East African Time.

8 Grand Anse La Digue seychelles tourism board

Courtesy of Seychelles Tourism Board

5. Transport
It’s affordable and safe to take the well-maintained local buses, although naturally the journey will take longer than a private air-conditioned taxi. Although if you take on of our tour packages, you’ll have a transfers to where you need to be. Contact us for more info.

6. Budget
A holiday in the Seychelles doesn’t come cheap, however it’ll possibly be the best island holiday you’ll ever have, which will leave you with an insatiable yearning to return. 1 Tanzanian Shilling equals 0.0062 Seychellois Rupee (December). Try our budget friendly tour packages to Seychelles today!

Visit the Seychelles Tourism Board for more info.

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