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The Most beautiful gesture about Cape Town is that it will never run out of chances to awe you! Beginning from the major attractions in Cape Town to the Mediterranean climate, Cape Town is just the best getaway from the buzz and trials for man.

With its cliffs and flat topped summits, Cape Town forms a drop which is called City Bowl. It’s blessed with a Mediterranean climate, mountain ranges, coastal plains and semi desert fringes.

It is the most popular destination in Africa among international travelers. The great climate and the natural settings plays a great role for Cape Town’s leading tourism but also the well-developed infrastructure has a lot to contribute to the city.



Possessing a Mediterranean style climate, Cape Town has warm and mild summers with wet winters. However the hills and mountains around Cape Town has a great impact on the difference of rainfall in different parts of the city.


Places to visit


Cape of Good Hope

A nature reserve in Cape Town that was declared part of the Cape Town world heritage site in 2004. Shipwrecks, lighthouses, and the hiding place of the slave turned Muslim saint, sugar birds and cape mountain zebras are some of the magnificent sight goodies you will come across your trail at the Cape of Good Hope in Cape Town.

Lions head and signal view

Fond of camping? Grab a torch, hoodie and a bunch of mates – set off to appreciate the moon in all its glory from one of the most spectacular vintage points in Cape Town. Enjoy the sensational views over the city bowl and Atlantic sea board.

Fishing Hoek

Cape Town boasts of this being the safest swimming beaches in the city. It is a glorious bay with beautiful white sandy beaches with colorful Victorian bathing boxes to add a festive touch.

Fish Hoek Museum

Historically, fish hoek in Cape Town is home to an early Stone Age site where the remains of 12000 year old fish hoek man was found.

The museum highlight more of the historic side of the story.


Visa from Tanzania

For Tanzanians, Cape Town is easily accessible. Unless you are willing to stay for over 90days a year, Visiting Cape Town does not need a visa. In an alternate case – the visa needs to be applied for, from the High commission of South Africa which is situated in dar e salaam on Mwaya road in Masaki, Plot no: 1338.

Contact numbers and email address: 022 26011800 , 255222601800 (for international calls),


Additional information

South African Rand, the currency used in Cape Town equals to approximately 0.07USD as of October 2015. However this is subject to change along those lines.


The city of Cape Town emergency dial is 107. In case of any emergencies such as needing the police or an ambulance – the helpline 107 is always at your assistance. While calling the emergency number make sure you have the following details handy:

  1. The location of the incident (where you need help to arrive at)
  2. The nature of the problem
  3. Contact name and number in case they need to get in touch with you.

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