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Mafia Island boasts to be one of the safest and untouched pieces in the Indian Ocean. Mafia Island has a peaceful atmosphere with no streetwalkers spoiling your holiday, this, however, is due to the low popularity rate (unlike Zanzibar) that has allowed Mafia Island to stay almost original.

Around 50kms long and 15kms across, Mafia Island is surrounded by magnificent marine life. With over 50 genera of corals and almost 500 species of fish almost half of the Mafia coastline has been declared a government marine park – not forgetting the 5 different species of turtle.

Natural Vegetation plays a huge role in making Mafia Island as beautiful as it is. Baobabs are trailed along the high forest remains in almost every locality all over Mafia.

Mafia Island is a magnificent place for a holiday to people who are awed by nature and outdoor activities. However for those who are fascinated by traditions and different aspects of culture can benefit from the (+20) villages around the island and almost 50,000 people living in the fishing and farming communities.



A weather of mild temperature with the “hot” days rarely exceeding 30°C. Rains mainly in May and “short” rains in November-early December. Mafia usually expects up to six weeks of strong winds followed by a shorter period of milder winds.


Things to do

Swim with the whale sharks

Between November and April, you are welcome to engage in the most breath-taking activity of all - swimming with the whale sharks.


Dive of Mafia and experience a close up with lots of pelagic fish, turtles, colourful corals and little delights like leaf fish. For beginners Chloe bay is most advised.

Bird watching

The variety of sea birds and forest birds is magnificent on Mafia and quite different from the mainland.

Sandbanks and islands

Picnic, snorkel, or just play at beautiful little jewels of sandbanks and islands in Mafia.


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