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Know your destination before you get there. Allow Travelstart Tanzania ( to give you an insight of Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul is the most popular for its Architecture which is a combination of the Roman architecture and Greek classical period and is also the most populous city in turkey.

One of the least known facts about Istanbul is that it was founded so that shopping would not be overlooked. Thus it has a number of historical bazaars. On Silk Road and spice routes you are likely to find a number of stalls with beautiful commodities. However the grand bazaar happens to be the highlight of the tourist attractions. The prices are much higher than the rest of the bazaars though.

Istanbul is a booming curt originally founded by the Greeks in the 7th century.



Istanbul has a humid subtropical climate that is mild with no dry season, constantly moist (year-round rainfall). Hot summers with few thunderstorms and cold climates during the winters, you may find snow in Istanbul however rarely.


When to go

Although Istanbul has become a year round destination, if you happen to visit during the late spring and / or early fall you are able to enjoy the warm days and explore Istanbul by foot. Mid Dec to march however calls for cold and windy days, fogs and sometimes snow too.


Where to go

Historical sites are a must see. By historical sites in Istanbul we are generalizing the Topokapi Palace, the Sultanahmet district, the church of Holy wisdom and so on. The mosque complex is a beautiful monument on the hilltop and the shops at the grand bazaar are magnificent and vibrant.

A ferry ride to the Asian suburb or the mouth of the Black sea is worth a visit.


Visa from Tanzania

For Tanzanians arriving in Istanbul a visa from the Turkish embassy in Dar e salaam is required unless you hold a visa issued by the US or the UK.

The Turkish embassy situated in Dar e salaam is located in Oysterbay, Toure Drive 8, Plot Nr: 97, P.O. Box 21761.

Contact numbers and email addresses: (+255) 68 840 16 16,

For more information refer to


Additional information

Turkish lira is the currency used in Istanbul. The currency as of October 2015 is 1TRL = 0.34USD. However this is subject to change along those lines.

The most commonly used emergency number in Istanbul is 112 (for medical emergencies/ ambulance) however, 110 in case of fire, 155 for assistance from the police and 183 for a missing child also known as women’s helpline.

Although, the above receptions will be glad to assist you entirely in case of any mishaps, there is no guarantee that they would be speaking English fluently.


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