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Mauritius is a multicultural and multi-religious island located in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius well known for the Macarena islands, is also well reputed for being the only home for the dodo – a flightless bird which is now extinct.

English, French and a variety of Asian languages are spoken widely spoken in Mauritius.



Mauritius experiences a tropical climate with warm and dry months from May to November and hot and humid months the other way round.


Places to visit

Mauritius has abundant tourist attractions and here are a few


Casela nature park

A relaxing park which houses a number of exotic flowers and plants. Take a day tour and visit the 150+ species of birds and rarely seen animals.

Downtown Porte Louise

A beautiful town with magnificent restaurants and A1 hotels. Stop by for some shopping and entertainment at the city centre.

Ground Bassin

This is classified as an important pilgrimage site through which a rural late encounters and is placed on an extinct volcano crater. It is believed that this is where the sacred Ganges River in India is sourced. There is also a 108 feet tall statue of lord Shiva.

China Town

Otherwise known as the hub of hakka Chinese, is popular for their delicious Chinese food, their grocery stores and their cultural festivals.

Rochester falls

Located in the south of Mauritius on the Sarrane river, this magnificent waterfalls is placed between lava rocks which look like large rectangular boxes stuck together.


Visa for Tanzanians.

Tanzanians are not required Visa to Singapore should their stay end before 90 days.


Additional information

The currency for Mauritius is Mauritius Ruppe that sums up to USD 0.03 as of October 2015.

In case of emergency you may dial 999 or 112 for the police, 995 or 115 for the firemen and 999 or 114 for any medical emergencies.


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