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Cairo is the capital of Egypt and perhaps the largest city in the Middle East and Egypt. Being highly populated Cairo is greatly triggered by pollution and traffic.



Cairo is highly humid and expresses a hot desert climate.


Places to go and things to do


Cheops pyramid

Located in Giza, it is the last surviving of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Over 2m blocks were used while building this over manual labor.

Egyptian antiquities museum

This is a mesmerizing museum for all the Ancient history lovers visiting Cairo. They possess, from Kingtut to Mummies, all under one roof.

Islamic Cairo

This focuses more, on the Muslim part of central Cairo. It involves mosques and Islamic monuments.

Cave Church

Yet again, a spiritual place to be. The cave church is beautified with paintings and simple but genuine people. It is an extremely spiritual place to be.


Visa for Tanzanians

Visa for Tanzanians traveling to Cairo, require visa before arrival from the Egyptian embassy in Dare salaam.

Address of the Egyptian embassy in dar e salaam :

24 Garden Avenue


+255 22 2111716  

Additional information

Incase of any emergency, you are advised to contact the 122 (police station), for medical emergencies, dial 123 (ambulance) and for gas emergencies, you will receive help on 129.

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